What is Loymax SmartCom?

What is it

Loymax SmartCom (hereinafter Platform) is a professional cloud-based marketing automation platform for offline and online retailers with large customer bases (from tens of thousands to several tens of millions of customers).

The purpose of the Platform is to increase repeat sales to existing customers by personalizing communications by content, time, and situation.

Communications are delivered via e-mail/SMS/messengers/push-notifications/call-center/user's mobile application.

How it works

  1. User uploads data about his customers and their actions (e.g., loyalty card data and receipts from cash registers) to the Platform on a daily basis through the integration. There is also a JS tracker that collects data about customer’s actions on the web site;

  2. For each customer, the platform calculates a set of metrics (average check, aggregate lifetime value, RFM segmentation, etc.);

  3. From the data on customer actions and their metrics, a 360 customer profile is generated, including the entire history of communication with the customer and their response to stimuli;

  4. Communication via e-mail/SMS/push and other channels is send directly from the Platform to customers from the segments which are very flexibly built on the basis of these data;

  5. Trigger communication chains automate sets of communications. You can specify how the Platform should interact with the customer for each type of behavior;

  6. For communications, an analytics of their effectiveness is built;

  7. The analytics of the entire customer base is being built.

Whom we address

  • The Platform user should have data on customers and their actions, hence they are either online businesses or offline/multi-channel businesses with implemented loyalty cards;

  • The possibility of repeat sales within a year, i.e. the interval between repeat purchases should be up to several months, not years.

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